Wednesday, July 6, 2011

YB'S Mocktails

When we're out at dinners, me and the girls are always searching for fruity cocktails but sadly we are always almost left disappointed with a bitter after taste. Literally. Once we ordered "The Bitter Symphony" at the Pelican in St Kilda...although it was a glass half filled with ice cubes, we took the whole dinner to finish.

 The Bitter Symphony - Pelican, St Kilda

What's a better way to solve our problem than to make our own? So last friday night, we made our own mocktails (yes, even in Winter!! there's no stopping us)...with no recipes, we just made our own concoction of berry-goodness! And they turned out deliciously!


Want to try this berry-goodness? Just chuck in a can of blueberries, a couple of pineapple rings, 3/4 punnet of strawberries (leaving some for garnish), 3 tbs of sugar, splash of blueberry and cranberry juice, 2 cups of crushed ice and blend away! Before pouring in the mocktails, place a spoonful of passionfruit syrup at the bottom of the cup (for a crunchy/tropical surprise!) and top off the mocktail with a splash of grapetiser. Enjoy!


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