Wednesday, July 6, 2011


This week has been a good week in the kitchen. So far I've cooked twice and yet to take over the kitchen when me and the girls are on our getaway in Olinda this weekend. There's something about cooking that really gets me excited! Absolutely can't wait until I have my own kitchen!

Monday night I cooked butter chicken with roti bread for my family. And today, me and marija made our own gnocchi and macaroons (which turned out to be a complete disaster compared to our first few attempts...). But atleast the gnocchi (well the second batch, thanks to marija) turned out great. And thanks to Olive, the disaster of the macaroons made for a good 'plan b' - the macaroon sundae or also unknown as the "trisome trifle".

Excuse the heavily pixelated quality photos...but these are just some quick snaps of some homemade goodness:

Butter chicken
Tomato, bacon & bocconcini with homemade gnocchi bake
Plan B - a macaroon sundae/"trisome trifle"

This upcoming weekend is really exciting. Me and the girls will be visiting two tea rooms up in Olinda, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for some more reviews and mouth-watering worthy photographs!


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