Thursday, June 30, 2011

Treat yourself

It's about time I started a blog (I know what you're thinking guys)...just for food. This is now my new baby (though my posts for the time being will not be as frequent as I'd like due to a broken 'arm').

Food, what can I say? It's something me and my friends always joke over in the sense that we can never see eachother without it, if we're there, food is there...we've even challenged ourselves to NOT eat for far it's been unsuccessful. So this is just a way to document all our adventures, our food footprints.

Yesterday the Trisome (me, Marija & Olive) ventured into the city to literally...try some! We got lost but eventually we found The Hardware Societe situated at the end of Hardware Street right across from some cafe named McSpankys (and knowing us...we had our fair share of laughs over the name, sorry!). When we arrived, it was busy and we had to wait. But all good things are worth the wait and boy was the food amazing! I was immediately drawn to the Duck Confit on their lunch menu (my photo doesn't do it justice). It was incredibly tasty, fall-off the bone tender and had a nice crispy skin...which I must admit is always almost my favourite part of duck. Paired with a glass of their French pear cider which cut through the rich duck nicely.

I tried some of Olive's braised lamb (special of the day) and it was so tender it just evaporated when it was in my mouth.

The overall experience at The Hardware Societe was fantastic, I'd give it a 9 out of 10. I will definitely be coming back especially to try their breakfast menu which looks like my kind of food to start off the day!

The Hardware Societe on Urbanspoon

Right after our amazing lunch at Hardware Societe, we ventured down to Hardware Lane to a small but magnificent slice of France. Only specialising in macaroons, La Belle Miette was bound to have some amazing goods instore. And that they did. The best I've ever tasted and also the best looking. Coming in a very pretty pastel blue box.

Their shells are nice and crisp and once you take that first bite, it's kind of hard to stop (in fact I've been thinking about them the whole day today). But not only are the shells crisp, they are also moist and gooey inside which really adds to the texture. Their fillings are also lovely. Not overly sweet and overpowering like a lot of the places selling macaroons in Melbourne.

I tried the Violet & Blueberry, Strawberry & Vanilla, Pistachio, Cherry Blossom & Sake and Hazelnut. Violet & Blueberry has to be my absolute favourite macaroon I've ever tasted. But all the other ones I tasted were good too. I'm definitely going back...probably next week in fact!

La Belle Miette on Urbanspoon

Yesterday was definitely a day that we treated ourselves. Filled with amazing food, delightful macaroons and the best company. Until next time!


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