Monday, July 18, 2011

Brunching it

As promised, here are my reviews on two of the tea rooms we visited last weekend whilst we were up in Olinda.

Before checking-in our lovely Loft suite, we drove to Warratina Lavender Farm to have brunch at their tea room. Unfortunately they have already pruned the lavender for the season but the tea room was cute with lavender products and cute tea-sets upon opening their doors.

I ordered the quiche just because there were too many orders of the lasagne on our table. And Marija's "Quiche Theory" stands, there is always something better on the menu that trumps the quiche. I also ordered Devonshire tea with a lavender scone (which was what I was looking forward to tasting most at the tea room) and a chai latte. Although the quiche was disappointing, the lavender scone certainly wasn't. Nice and crumbly and moist with the subtle fragance of lavender. Just lovely.

Alenka's tea - which was a disaster to pour
Spinach and ricotta quiche with a side salad
Devonshire tea (w/ normal and lavender scones)

The next day, before horse-back riding and our trip home we stopped by the popular Miss Marple's Tearoom. And it certainly lived up to being a popular destination. We arrived just as the doors opened and there was already people waiting outside, ready and eager to get in. The Christmas in July decoration were up, the tea room was surrounded by an assortment of teapots and photographs of Miss Marple's. It didn't take long til the whole tea room was bustling with customers. Despite their popularity, the service was rather inconsistent (after the food came, you were just made to feel unwelcome and we were billed) and their menu was lackluster. I was stumped on what to order and that's usually a very uncommon thing for me as I always manage to find something to excite my tastebuds. The scones weren't really scones, in both taste and appearance. The tea was average though I didn't get to enjoy a lot of it. But the fingers were pleasant. Maybe my expectations we're too high but overall, it was pretty average, nothing to be excited over. Probably won't go back there again.

Miss Marple's Sundae, Devonshire tea and their famous fingers.

Miss Marple's Tearoom on Urbanspoon

Next time, it's lunch!

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