Monday, July 30, 2012

Of Mexican!

Before going back to uni and back into studying, we had an amazing night planned. Of Monsters and Men were playing at the Corner Hotel; supported by The Falls and The Trouble with Templeton.

But before that, we had to fill up our bellies. So we opted for Mexican at Fonda Mexican on Swan Street! After reading several reviews, we decided to go extra early to ensure we had some grub before the show. However, this turned out to be unnecessary as the huge line was more for the take-away option than sit-down dinner. So we we're seated quickly and immediately I had to take out my camera to take a snap of that uniquely quaint wired chandelier which stood out boldly against the vintage-pressed metal splash back ceiling.

The menu was small, but those are the best kinds of menus in my opinion. We all opted for the charred corn; it was charred nicely with a generous amount of ricotta salata on top and tasted delicious, though messy. (However, Mamasita's corn on a cob still has to be favourite).

Charred Corn; with Chipotle aioli, ricotta salata and lime
We also got the Fat Chips to share which we're so hot that you knew they were a fresh batch of fatty goodness, topped with chipotle aioli. I got the fish taco (which in hindsight, I should of ordered a couple more) because they absolutely go down well! It was clean and fresh. The fish was freshly fried, not soggy. Along with the pickled carrots/onions, cabbage and chipotle aioli - my taste buds were salivating! And at $6 a pop, you can't go wrong! I also got the Horchata as a drink, which came in a jar with a funky retro straw. It tasted quite nice and mellowed out the Mexican well.

Fish (Market Fresh) Taco; chipotle aioli, pickled carrots/onion and cabbage

Alenka and Marija both shared one chicken burrito which they didn't quite like...for reasons I've forgotten now. But I tried it and enjoyed it. It was well balanced with a delightful texture (as I usually find burritos quite...stodgy), the chicken was grilled nicely that there was some crispy elements to it and the hint of heat was very much welcomed!

Grilled Chicken Burrito; Quinoa, salsa verde, corn, queso fresco and cabbage

This place is mamasita's without the long queue; but they really are Mexican restaurant worth visiting (and not only because you want to avoid a long queue). They are reasonably priced, fresh and quirky. I will definitely be coming back and ordering alot more than the last!

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Until the next meal,


  1. Yum! I'm craving those chips right now. I should've visited this place when I was down in Melbourne 2 months ago. I absolutely love Mexican!

  2. Ohhh I love me some Mexican food! The queue at Mamasita is such a huge downer. Thanks for the recommendation.

    K xx