Sunday, November 6, 2011

Seven Seeds

It's been quite awhile since I've posted up a review, it's not that I haven't eaten out lately but it's been due to a combination of a couple of things: a broken camera, exams and sheer laziness to actually blog. But I've gotten a new camera, and frankly, I'm not exactly studying that hard. So I decided to start blogging again. My apologises for the lack of photos of food accompanied with some random's review.

So last thursday, we embarked to the city for two reasons: studying and eating, is there a time where the two don't come hand-in-hand? Probably not.

We walked down a quiet street near Melbourne University, and if we didn't know what the place was called we probably would of missed it.

Looking into the cafe, the place was packed out with students, Oak's day race-goers and just your usual indies que individuals. The wall by the entry had hanging bikes which was interesting and fun. And really just made me want to hop on one and ride!

We only had to wait a couple of minutes for a table and soon we we're seated and ready to order. Though the breakfast menu was quite limited in choices, both me and Marija settled for the Breakfast Bun. Which I coined a fancier, gourmet version of a McMuffin (but obviously tasted much better, and maybe slightly better for you). Accompanying our breakfast, of course is a latte. Skinny latte for Marija, regular for me (plus a heap of sugar, of course). I would say it's the best latte I've had so far, it was rich, creamy and smooth - went down a treat. And the latte art didn't hurt anyone.

 Skinny Latte
Regular latte
Breakfast Bun - Fried egg, hollandise sauce, sundried roasted tomatoes, crispy bacon, buttered buns - delish!

Overall, the coffee was fantastic and the food was just an added bonus. I will definitely come back whenever I'm near the area. I think this is the beginning of my breakfast series on this blog so stay tuned!

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