Monday, November 28, 2011

Dumping the books for dumplings @ HuTong Dumpling Bar

The Trisome have officially reunited over some dumplings last friday, with exams finally over, we we're set to dine out without the guilt of knowing that we should be studying instead like our previous hang outs. Initially, we we're meant to go to HuTong in the CBD, with Olive suggesting that I book the saturday before (which I should of listened to) but instead I waited until wednesday and they we're all booked out for three on friday. So we had to quickly make a booking for their newly opened store, situated in The Cullen Hotel, Prahran.

Pot of peppermint tea (which proved hard for me to order that day, I couldn't seem to get the words out and I'm pretty sure the waiter thought I was illiterate - "can I have a pot of pottermint tea?")

We made a pretty standard order when one goes into a dumpling bar. Xiao Long Bao is a must (especially with all the good things I've heard about the ones at HuTong) and they sure did deliver! (Maybe abit too much if you asked Olive, who bit into one and had the soup go all over her clothes) As for me, they were the best I've tasted. They came out steaming, the skin was a delicate texture but still managed to hold in all the soup, it was definitely my favourite. Must come back on a colder day to really appreciate them.

Steaming Xiao Long Bao

We also ordered two serves of the Peking Duck, which were average in my opinion and much too over priced. With that money, I could of bought a whole duck and made it myself (though no one trusts me with a cleaver so maybe that isn't an option).

Peking Duck

We sure love our duck, so we followed suit with an order of Duck springrolls and I was rather disappointed that there were only two for the price charged but both Marija and Olive liked them so I'm sure they were worth it.

And of course one cannot go into a dumpling bar without ordering fried dumplings. We opted for the Fried Pork Dumplings. Which were succulent. The skin was tender (and most importantly, not too thick! Which is the crime of most dumpling shops these days), it had this fried pan skin aswell which is something I haven't seen. Another instant favourite.

Fried Pork Dumplings

Overall, the customer service was better than expected and the food was as expected from all the hype surrounding HuTong Dumpling Bar. Definitely coming back again to try their Chilli Wonton!

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